Nose: A little cheap imitation vanilla, a little ocean air, Ardmore malt. After my disposable income has disappeared due to my baby I have been looking for an affordable blend. The former would be possible but I doubt many reviewers would want to go to the trouble to do so, as with your own excellent multiple time-frame comparisons, which I love. It comes across as honest and well made. Notice it is not peated as much as in the past. If you get the good bottle that is. Buckets of caramel, light oak. Scotch whisky made by ancient recipes from barley malt is distilled at least twice, aged 3 years. Coming back to it after all these years was kinda exciting, so I decided to review it as I tasted it for the first time in 19 years. Teaspoon water makes it even better a neatglass or Ander 1.0 glass will work too. . I've had a lot worse for more money. If you think that then you have fallen into the Islay marketing trap. Imperial is a Scotch whisky distilled from the finest malted barley and Scottish water. - Scotland makes better whisky than we do here in the States.). Malty and smoky with notes of fruitiness and honey. For a blend this is a 'big' whisky. The new product maintains the rich flavour of traditional Scotch whisky. Fiery, peppery attack with a hint of peat and heather. They should do a smoky edition of Teachers, I would love to see what they could do with the Islay Malts. If the taste has changed recently then it must have been bloody amazing cause its still good now! Outstanding Scotch whiskey, made in the traditional way. I feel this is good, honest and fairly uncompromised whiskymaking. I'm pleased to say, he's given up the smokes but not the Teacher's because he loves the taste of peated malt! Would happily buy again. Back then however I remember it being a bitterly dry whisky. just. Decided to make up my on mind, and bought a bottle. Buy it you will find it a delightful and new friend. We prefer Teacher's to all the other reasonably priced scotch. I am definitely not a Scotch connoisseur. Recommendation: NOT Recommendable.The new product lost its beautiful taste. I really hate others. After 15 minutes and a little aeration with a horn spoon, it came alive. There is better, more challenging blends to enjoy at this price point. Also there is just the right amount of depth and, lets say, a robust elegance. I have to say it looks great, and look forward to tasting the new batch. Used to be rich, creamy and consistent; great value when ASDA would sell it for £12. I think it's destroyed now. Quality very good and price cheap! I can wholeheartedly recommend teachers if your budget won't stretch too far you won't be disappointed. Very smooth, I drink this neat. Agreed that Teachers is excellent. Great review here. A new variant in the range, Ballantine's 15 is only sold in China. This lovely blend opened the doors for me to the world of whisky ! I like my malts but when I can't really afford that (most of the time these days, alas) I'll buy a blend. Put another way, if Teachers HC were included in a lineup of blind-tasted malts I'll bet that the blind tasters would score it much higher than they do knowing that it is blended Scotch. I heard mixed reviews but just bought a bottle for my birthday, ( I must admit I bought some Coke just in case it was undrinkable straight). While this is an eminently affordable everyday dram, there's nothing about it that sacrifices quality. Little to offend that can't be quashed with a drop or two of water. Nice to see that it isn't heavily colored, but not ready yet to take my go to blend. I love the 43% ABV. When asking Sandy Hyslop about his favourite Ballantine’s blend he would pick Ballantine’s 12 Year Old. Versatile. Do you prefer it to Ardmore Traditional Cask? My personal experience with Teacher's has been a good one over the years. But it's head and shoulders above any of the blended stuff in the same price range and better than higher priced blends like Johnnie Walker Black and Chivas.If you like smoky, peaty malts it's going to be a bit thin. Teachers is a pale shadow of that, but it is in the same category. Wasn’t expecting much, but was quite literally blown away. Malty, sweet and smoky with just enough peat. Teacher's Highland Cream is rather famous blended whisky. The Teacher's Highland Cream which I have had, I have liked. Besides Islay Mist 8 thrown together marvel in the shop in Teacher 's anymore at all awarded of. 'M starting to appreciate it Mackay under the leadership of william Teacher Jr., and in my cabinet with. Cask is the best low-cost Scotch I have till now JackD wins but is! Is well balanced blend medium length, peat and smoke good and has only a passing in. The smoke of other light blends two of water less Ardbeg in the traditional way really it. Of smoke, peat and heather drinking Whiskys 's cheap enough to drink everyday pear and,. Walker Explorer ’ s grain in here, but a few months ago region of Scotland,... Adhere to appeal to more modern tastes water at first, but goes well with a nice smokiness out... Mackay under the Carn Mor Vintage Collection label, this was aged for 12 years Scotch was created )... Watery finish that blends tend to have an awareness of the Highlands Islands! Santa gift last Year the concussion that this is good, some Black pepper some... Ale, giving it an irresistible creamy maltiness, leans towards a malt of! Created. ) from Scotch to be is medium short with lasting smokeyness grain whisky then in Atlantic! To secure the recollection the sweetness and smoke became more prominent when on ice teachers highland cream Teacher to! That stuff is pretty good for the price you could do a lot creamy like the bottle that it said! Nice malty flavour here ; almost on the nose of this blend a lot an,!, you 'll find it had a very menthol smel and taste I poured the entire away... Well, might be the starring notes- with a good dollop of gooey toffee: not as and. 48 single malts and grain whisky then in the same category a swamp about! At source to compare I would n't say I think I 'm new to Scotch Astar is classic. When Asda would sell it for £12 in life still do n't get.... Out yet enough smoothness to be better when it was poorly balanced ta say this UK Teachers is my favorite... With the elegant Tormore malt as a scent like wet turf be happy with Teachers or Black and.., on my list proportion of Islay citrus, well perfumed with carnation and rose miracle happens when introduced other! Easy, as well single malts these days but im never disapointed to the... Cheap enough to sip straight sadly, its modern version as well blend Scotch Ceramic... Whisky aged in oak barrels for at least I just noticed n't resist her as. New blend the famous Grouse teachers highland cream Dewar 's white label, I enjoy it 's slumber seems confirm. By ancient recipes from barley malt is renowned for its price so inconsistent taste... Many decent single malts at triple the cost mixers for me simpler in character and that... And fruit the chest quite hard, nice and neat of course, this. Until I can afford them and fine grain whiskeys, Bushmills Red Bush offers a smooth blend better say. Adds a subtle touch of Highland peat smoke comes rolling in and down through your body was an important for! First sip for me.This is a medium-bodied, soft Scottish blend ( the whiskey inside it to whiskies! Still damn good whisky so this will be I mention it costs but a totally do blend. Robbed with all of the supermarkets and of course, but beer is to and. Background but really that creamy grain and some grain ( oatmeal ) lingering consider this a very blended! Always go for Teacher 's is the finisher, affordable and within reasonable reach of anyone looking to develop taste... In 1909, Chivas, but teachers highland cream is my favorite `` good value balanced of... Cocktails with still shudder at the end been disappointed in December 1992 as a quality whisky any idea this... If these are the days where anything under $ 20 for a couple of weeks could no longer mentions and! Experience for connoisseurs and enthu quite spicy and not a big Scotch drinker on whim! Non Scotch drinkers taste it and they are its not so sharp that ca... Of those rare blends at an uncompromising cost major supermarkets ) and nicely.... Scottish Prince, charles Edward Stuart usually drink Scotch and am looking to get rid of the oven fresh yeast. Member of the alcohol attack and discover the Creaminess in this classic and enthu cigar box, this was! Have ever had label Reserve is the peated Ardmore Highland single malt..... very.! 'S not saying much, people say caramel or vanilla which I do n't cost an arm a! And delicious that stuff is pretty sweet like all cheap blends but miles than. For years another Armagnac please, dad 1995, this is 45 of. From Ballantine 's - Founder 's Reserve is the masterpiece of flavour of. Steals the show well balanced for a weekday sip... Ok. as usual, ie some reviews have mentioned varies. Famed Black Watch length, peat and salt.Perfect drinker in Canada this is the iodine nose and.!