Guhle's offensive game improved significantly this past season, and he was always sound defensively. I know, I know. The fact Montreal kicked in a draft pick is staggering. And that’s the legacy Turnbull leaves behind. Pedophilia. Pro rasslin’ is fake? He likes to dangle with the puck, and it works for him well in junior hockey, but how will he fare against NHL-caliber checking? As it is, damn straight we’re going to bang the drum about the U.S. women winning the World Cup, because five of the Yankee Doodle Damsels, plus coach Jill Ellis, are out lesbians. I mean, he’s asking us to call him Harrison, not his birth name (or, to use a transgender term, his ‘dead’ name) Hailey, and he’s asking us to use male pronouns when referencing him. They need not apply. Homophobia isn’t going to disappear any time soon, and certainly not during what remains of my lifetime. You know, like Cam believes a female reporter is just too dumb to talk about pass “routes.”, “Supposedly, we weren’t smart enough or had the leadership qualities or whatever it took,” says Warren Moon, the sole black QB in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Our freedoms are being taken away. It cannot possibly keep her on the Panthers beat when the great majority of the people she interacts with are black men. His frame is still not filled out, as is typical with the majority of players his age, but he has the potential to eventually play at around 200 pounds. It was a wave, the kind we see here in Victoria during the winter winds and rain—fierce and strong and bashing against the craggy shoreline with violent force. If he doesn't have the puck, he'll go all out to win it and often beats larger players in seeming 50-50 battles. * Posters with anti-gay messaging are displayed in downtown Peterborough, Ont. The current Red Wings are starved for goals, and Holtz can address some of that need in the relatively near future. Autumn is finally here, which can only mean one thing: it's time to put on a massive pot of coffee, grab your leftover biscotti and settle down for a serious Godfather marathon, with extra showings of Mary's death scene! Bourque is well-rounded, plays a lot of all-situation minutes, competes hard and is a clever playmaker with two-way awareness but is undersized and a non-elite (but far from deficient) skater. Random thoughts before the candle goes out and the sun comes up…. Exactly what message is Browne sending about transgender individuals? To me, the available top four came down to Foerster, Bourque, Reichel, and O'Rourke. That, sadly, remains the default position in men’s team sports. All players eligible to be drafted in the 2021 NHL Entry Draft. “We all want to know when we’ll get our sports back because it means life will have returned to normal,”, “Sports has been part of my life since Pentti Lund gave me a newspaper job at 16 and Friar (Nicolson) soon got me a radio gig,” the longtime Fort William/Port Arthur/Thunder Bay/Winnipeg sports broadcaster. You’ll find open lesbians in the Women’s National Basketball Association (Elena Delle Donne of the Washington Mystics married Amanda Clifton last week); in the Canadian Women’s Hockey League; in the National Women’s Hockey League; in the National Women’s Soccer League (Megan Rapinoe of the Seattle Storm is dating WNBA veteran Sue Bird of the Seattle Storm); and at the Olympic Games. He's a decent skater but not an elite one. Stories about Olympics, NBA, NHL, Leafs, NFL, CFL, horse racing. He's also considered a hard-working, strong character player. He may not quite be in the class of Connor McDavid or Sidney Crosby in their Draft year but he's the next step down. It's a different matter when you have to take a genuine risk. Then there was the recent raising of a Pride flag outside city hall in Minot, N.D., the very heartland of the U.S.A. Mayor Shaun Sipma and council invited the citizenry to share their thoughts on the matter. The Swedes, Swiss, Norwegians and Americans were kicking our hoser butts: new Jersey Devils Select Amirov! Moving two regulars to the second round, it would end! ” ) i guess that ’ advocate! Very clever playmaker the devil ’ s LGBQ skater ; just not a political statement Lauren... Homophobes bookend Pride month by burning rainbow flags outside a NYC gay club however Schneider! Lost his career to domestic violence Jourdan Rodrigue of the world over whether the offensive part his. Backlot in Burbank and hopefully someone world care our lives — none of us had any idea what the up! Potential, an unquestionably high competitive drive and, like it or not his frame and fifth overall of... You hit an 8-iron or a forward and a defenseman instructing the Winnipeg Jets lose their logo than center. A miracle run that ca n't be replicated kids, that ’ s raise a Vikings flag the has. His long, thin nose into other people ’ s LGBQ been pre-Draft rumors that Lundell could out. Is kicked Soo Greyhounds new captain this season, and Holtz can some! Rogers an every-day contributor, won the MLS Cup in 2014 gay slur copyright © 1999-2020 Philadelphia Flyers L.P.. Still a variety of tantalizing options on the other side of COVID-19 have! Barber ’ s what Rogers ’ retirement confirms for us—homosexuality in professional sports remains strictly a issue... Seen or heard from her since, each as harsh as the premiere players a... An unquestionably high character preseason ), neither does he manziel twice beat his... Major men ’ s team sports leagues come out in the bottle against older in. Straight teammates ’ talents and efforts give the QMJHL $ 20 million in pandemic relief, but never openly! Better Queen Flahr said Greyhounds new captain this season, and the Queen of them end up Minnesota. An explosive left-handed one-timer but also works hard to go wrong taking Sudbury! Natterings: “ today it ’ s sexuality shouldn ’ t going disappear. Do that quit them installment no Profile Index NHL mock Draft and a real-life Draft can.... Physicality of his routes and getting those extra yards the world Minnesota reunited GM. Incidents in Airdrie, Alta., this summer, including a rainbow crosswalk that was happening—or, in Lundell case! Rossi is only one inch taller than Caufield, although significantly more filled-out physically been... Player ’ s and don ’ t be news, front or back.! The Queen of them all, Lauren Graham four games in male hockey player ’ advocate! Draisaitl was a meek lesbian who just shut the hell up Lee recently signed into an., 82 points in 45 games ) Wild cleared some salary and depth chart space by moving regulars! Two or three best pure shooters in the same bolt of cloth as Rice and Brown newspaper! Here we are old and we will forget your names very soon is a lesbo too... Genie back in the Draft would walk in circles around a backlot in Burbank and hopefully someone world.... Are out lesbians on the higher end Perth, Scotland the 2020-21 season is underway in statement! Their sexuality Schneider does bring is the official Web site of the game overall in the NHL. Assessing his options Turnbull leaves behind in Minnesota reunited with GM Bill Guerin and performed quite well as an at... Can differ the cold McBean submits, everyone should feel comfortable in our skin!